We'll bring the equipment and the know how, all you will need is the motivation. 

With the right kind of support, anyone can regain their journey up the mountain of good health and longevity. However, when we stop climbing that mountain we begin sliding to the bottom where dysfunction, loss of mobility and eventually ill health awaits.


Therapeutic Massage

A therapeutic massage takes about 60 minutes. The purpose of this treatment is to asses muscle tone and skeletal alignment and take appropriate measures to correct any imbalances. This prepares the body for a more rewarding exercise experience.

Physical Exercise

A good exercise session should last at least 30 minutes. We will guide you on proper exercise technique and teach on the importance of the warm up to the necessity for vigorous activity and why ending with a cool down process makes for a happier heart. Exercises are tailored to the individual.


Our service call is for a 90 minute session. It is recommended that both massage and exercise be performed in order to assure optimal results. 

Specific equipment and  a picture booklet with instructions of your  tailored exercises will be yours to keep.